there must be a better wya to style the chatbots? ...
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there must be a better wya to style the chatbots? styler is good but doens have all the variables, the code it produces doesnt include all those that are in the docs... has anyone got a template that is labled and easy to work with?
Hey @quick-pager-25260! The Styler tool is at its beginning, it will improve a lot in the near future! Check out all of the docs about Webchat Customization, it has information on all you can change in the bot styles:
Thanks. Yes i have been using the docs and the tool. It is still hard to get a style imo. Would be great if the default style.css file was availbe for download so we could start from that base.
I love the product jsut need to be able to easily change the style before i can put it into production for clients
Thanks for your help in advance
Alternativley a wire frame of the chat interface would also be very helpful to developers too i would think.
This is a great idea, and simple to be implemented! I will forward it to the team
Hey @plain-lifeguard-16679, could you make the CSS available in the Styler and the docs?
Hi guys, someone can help me please? i add to my chatbox the stylesheet, but doesn't work, i add to my website the stylesheet to, but dont apply the styles to chat. Thanks!
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Hey @narrow-spring-94766, can you provide me with the CSS url?
Maybe it's not accessible directly