has anyone had problems when uploading a bot to th...
# 🌎general
has anyone had problems when uploading a bot to the website? Namely, none of the buttons such as clear conversation or close conversation work after I uploaded the preconfigured script into my html/website. They work fine in the preview or mediafiles link though.
Hey @kind-shampoo-88969 that's odd! Are you having problems still?
Kind of, but its nothing crazy and I am 99% sure it is something with my website's formatting. The buttons still dont work when the website is at its very top (i.e. the buttons are in the same row as my header, etc.) but as soon as a scroll down past the header they start working again.
Again, 99% sure this a issue on my part and I just have to edit something with my site, but if you have any feedback I'd be glad to hear it.
Just figured out an even simpler solution by making the height of the bot shorter in stylesheet so this is not even a problem.