Random observation: I have a Raw capture card on a...
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Random observation: I have a Raw capture card on a node with "Enable Knowledge Answering" on. Then I have an Intent card that checks for a specific question and branches to another node if the user is asking that question. I see that under the covers, it has already gone to the local KB and has generated an answer from the KB, but if the Intent triggers, this answer is ignored. This is not super important but I am mentioning it for two reasons. 1. That seems like a minor inefficiency. 2. As I am working with cards on nodes and trying to understand the flow, what happens where, this is counterintuitive. When I add an Intent card I have to know that if logic falls past that, there is (maybe) already an answer to display.
Hey @rich-oxygen-43707, by saying that the answer is ignored, you mean that it's not shown? That could be because you have enbaled manual answering
No, I mean that since the intent is branching elsewhere, there was no need for the answer to be retrieved in the first place. I'm not using it; I have a separate flow for handling this question.
My point #2 is not very clear. What I am trying to say is that the sequence looks like: 1. capture a question from the user 2. check intents and go to separate flow if appropriate 3. say the answer if we are still here in this node That is counterintuitive because when you arrive at step 3, it seems like there wouldn't be anything in {{turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer}} yet. I understand there is an answer because that is how the capture works, but as a newbie just looking at steps 1, 2, and 3 you can see how it doesn't seem like there should be. If we know we are checking for one or more intents, it seems like getting .answer should only happen if the intents do not branch away. Again....this is a super minor point. It was just an observation of something I found a little confusing. Just some feedback for you.