What is the status of the botpress API? The docs s...
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What is the status of the botpress API? The docs say it is in beta and someone here suggested that it was not functioning. (Not sure what that meant or if a temporary thing or user error, just a message I saw.) I have not coded anything with the API yet but fully expect that I will soon. So... out of beta soon? Or low on the priority list?
Hey @rich-oxygen-43707, the API is in Beta, but working properly! Check out the docs at https://botpress.com/docs/api-documentation/
Now regarding timeframe, let's check with @witty-football-93730
👋 This is not my working area but I can for sure try to dig this up for you guys
The API is currently stable and there are no planned breaking changes. Although the API is labeled as Beta, it is solely due to a few endpoints that have not been made public yet. We acknowledge that the documentation requires some refinement to meet the high quality standards we strive for in our product.
Thanks for the info @colossal-egg-20510!