anyone know how to host your bot on an aws server ...
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anyone know how to host your bot on an aws server or something? have too many bugs when running my bot which i have no way of fixing since they dont occur in botpress studio
Hey @steep-napkin-50757, I don't think that would help you debug problems, especially since they are external
You should try adding
try {} catch() {}
instances around all of your custom codes, then you can catch the errors and handle them
@early-train-33247 do you know what i can do to fix these bugs? Or if youre working on a fix? All i have gotten is “click publish again” and this is clearly not a solution
What are the bugs, please?
@early-train-33247 the problem is, there is no problem with my custom codes. I have try catches set up, the bot works perfectley in the botpress studio test bot. However, as soon as I embed it on a website, it starts bugging by: repeating messages it had already sent, not following correct order, skipping modes, asking captures multiple times, etc. Basically making the bot useless.
@early-train-33247 I have tried making a new project and copying the bot over, still doesn’t work. Clicking publish on the bot multiple times and trying again, still doesn’t work. Its very demotivating as I spent a lot of time learning how to use botpress and assumed it was working since it works perfectly in the botpress studio test chat bot, and now I can’t use the chatbot because it doesn’t work as it should when i embed it. i’ve made other posts about this and gotten no significant help and its very demotivating. I hope i can get a reasonable response from you.
Hey man that must be quite annoying! We are getting some reports of bugs in the Webchat indeed.
If you could help us by pinpointing when it happens (details of the error, and the flow logic behind it), I would appreciate it and help the devs release a fix sooner!
Hey. Yeah sure I can show you
Here we can see it is a normal capture card with multiple choice which asks to select your sex: masculine or femenine (bot is in spanish)
We can see that as expected, when testing the chatbot, it runs smooth as could be, strolling through the capture cards (its a pretty basic feature after all)
Once we go test it through the web chat however, it decides it needs to repeat the question mutliple times, then it does the same with age, then it goes to ask if they are signle or married, and then it decides it should ask the age a third time
Clearly the bot is not programmed to do this as it never occurs in the botpress studio test, so please let me know if there is something i can do to fix this, i really need this bot sooner rather than later...
@early-train-33247 did you get a chance to look at this>?
Hey @steep-napkin-50757, I am seeing it! That's strange behavior indeed
Could you send a screenshot of the worfklow, so I see how the logic happens
And also, the gender question should be a SingleChoice
It is kind of a big workflow, whats the best way to send you this?
because the user can choose only a Single Choice out of many. If they could choose many genders, then it would be an Multiple Choice
this part
Do you think that could be causing the issue? still seems weird as it doesnt happen in the testing in studio
and the sexo variable should be an string, or an Entity
Probably not, but its something to fix
You should have one node for each question, so it's easier to manage when users type wrong values
one node for each question makes it pretty long, as you can see it is a lot of questions, is this the best way?
It is a best practice
You can keep them close together
That could solve the problem to be honest, many captures in a row cause issues sometimes
this is the worfklow, not sure if you can read anything thesre
however, look, this is literally the first node, it is three basic questions, phone email name, and it gets stuck at the end
I see. Could you please try and deploy your bot on another channel like Telegram, and see if the issue happens there as well? Then we will know for sure if it is a webchat bug, or if there is a problem with your flow logic