Hi We are planning to use botpress as a potential...
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Hi We are planning to use botpress as a potential option for building a chatbot for UK government client. Keen to understand further around the implementation and security risks. We would like to be one of your enterprise customer. Keen to find out more by talking to someone personally. Please DM me Thanks
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 @freezing-printer-49373 can you please respond on this thanks
Hey @magnificent-parrot-17007, I'm glad you're enthusiastic about getting started with cloud enterprise! Our Sales team (which includes JB) operates on US Eastern time, so they're still asleep or getting ready to work right now. You can rest assured that they'll get back to you during business hours.
thanks for update @acceptable-kangaroo-64719
hey @magnificent-parrot-17007 can you send me an email at jeanbernard.perron@botpress.com. thanks
@freezing-printer-49373 dropped you a mail.