👋 I can answer the hosting & integrations part o...
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👋 I can answer the hosting & integrations part of your question: TLDR: everything you are discussing is totally doable. - Is Botpress WHMCS compatible : I can't see why it would not, all chatbot assets (including the web widget that would be added to your websites) are hosted & delivered by our infrastructure. Depending on what you are doing with WHCMS, basic usage would require pretty much nothing on your side. - **Does Botpress meet our needs?**: what's app, facebook and instragram integrations are available, you just need to turn them on, the human handoff to a tawk.to agent would require the development of a tawk.to integration For the pricing thing you could refer to our pricing page we have a pay as you pricing where you pay for your chatbots usage, no matter how many chabots you have.