Not answering explicit Q&As given
# 🤝help
Hi team! I preloaded a set of questions and a set of answers to those questions as plain texts in a Knowledge base. The bot can't answer the simplest questions. Is there another way I should be feedinq FAQ info?
Hey @red-yak-28476 could you share a sample of how your Q&As are formatted in the KB?
Yes thanks
Big set of FAQ Question as Plain text and big set of FAQ Answers
Ah, thanks
A couple of quick notes: 1. Keep your Q&A and your smalltalk in separate knowledge bases. That will help the bot find answers more quickly 2. Keep questions & answers together in the same plain text KB source 3. If possible, try grouping them by topic in different sources
hmm thanks! and is it better to go Question then Answer, or a group of Questions and then a a Group of answers?
And appreciate so much your quick help Gordy
Update, the QnA pairs, + Categorization really helped. Now it can answer 200 questions
Hey viko, if you can send me an example of your Q&A format that went successfully for you, I would really appreciate it!