Variable question
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Why is not this binding to a Variable?
Hey @refined-fall-37173, have you created a bot variable in the chatbot settings before writing the code? Even if you don't, your code should still run.
Added it now but still the red mark under the text
I wanna bind the text to a variable, and since it so long i used the execude code
is the variable filled? If the code works, i wouldn't payy too close attention to the squiggly red line
Whenever i put in the variable in the AI Task input it doesnt light up with white text as it does when a variable has been connected.. @acceptable-kangaroo-64719
Thank you for your time, coding is a bit new for me so trying to learn everything. Appriciate your support.
No worries.
notation only works in content cards, where the bot is saying something to the user. In an AI Task input you need to wrap your variable name in
{{double curly brackets}}