Plain Text Support Questions Knowledge Base
# 🤝help
After loading a chatbot template I noticed that there had been a knowledge base named "Small Talk". Within this knowledge base was a plain text that had a sentence and in the top right corner it is labeled "Questions". When I click the "questions" button it shows a variety of words that fall under "Support Questions". I figured out that the text put within the plain text KB is what the bot will answer if the user types any of the words within the "Support Questions" area. I find that this is very useful but I can't seem to replicate this same plain text with support questions. Could somebody help me with this or suggest a different idea that will cause my bot to answer specific sentences to specific words inputted by the user.
Hey @echoing-cat-6473, support questions used to be a feature a few months ago. We removed them because they weren't adding anything that a normal, plain text KB source can do. The template just hasn't been updated yet (it's on our to-do list!). In new bots, just add whatever support questions to the plain text source, and that will accomplish the same thing.