Accessing urls for knowlege
# 🤝help
Hi, I know that I can create a custom knowledge database by linking to all kinds of documents or my internal website for data/info. I know that you can also any other external urls, say other blogs or informational websites. 1) If I include a url (for example will it also look at all the subpages after the slash? Or would I need to directly link each one? 2) Does Botpress have the ability to say link to a search portal like Expedia British Airways (as an external 3rd party bot) and access their search capabilities. For example I want to bot to bring back available hotel rooms in Expedia for London for the night of June 30
hi @kind-london-18989 , welcome to the community. For question 1, all subpages indeed. For question 2, if the search has an API, you could achieve that through botpress, it would take a bit of coding. I'll let someone else expand on the second question as it's not my expertise.