WebChat styling
# 🤝help
How do I apply custom styling for the UI? I did see that it can be applied by uploading a styling sheet to server. Is there an option apply styling sheet locally where the UI changes can be seen live especially in VS code.
Hey! Steps to add/test the custom webchat styling locally. **Step 1**: Add the Configurable Script (https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/channels/webchat/) to your local HTML page **Step 2**: Create a CSS File and CSS properties from this table - https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/webchat-customization/overview/#styling-the-web-chat **Step 3**: Add "stylesheet": "url-to-your-css-file" property to the configurable script. (example:
"stylesheet": "http://localhost:3000/custom-style.css")
**Step 4**: Open your HTML file in a browser. **Note**: Make sure that you serve this CSS. (You can use VS Code's Live Server Extension)
Thank you Rohan. I will give this solution a try