Better white label capabilities
# 👀feature-requests
If we can use our own custom domains for your cloud or embed the chat it in such a way that it is already opened without clicking the chat bot icon would be great. Also the “this chatbot was made surprisingly fast with botpress” doesn’t seem to go away. It’s unprofessional.
Just host the bot on a mock website and share
If you're gonna use botpress to share directly to your clients then it might be fair to have the made with botpress tag
There are many websites that lets you host html codes using their websites for free for a few days
Just use those
we are reworkign this entire process. stay posted. btw did you try the botpress style app
here is the url
@thousands-market-95523 You can change that default text by editing the "Bot description" field in the [Integrations > Webchat] section of your bot in the Botpress Cloud dashboard and then clicking on the [Save configuration] button (see screenshot below). If you're using the Shareable URL or the Embedded code for the webchat the change should be reflected instantly once you reload the page where your chatbot is 🙂
You have a point @thousands-market-95523. I would prefer my own customized domain in iframe codes or even sharing a link with clients. This function can be added to a specific paid plan (if need be). I'm sure BotPress will stand out from the other bot service providers.
You can put it on your own domain. I just create a Sub domain for each bot. When its on your own domain you can easily have the “this chatbot was made surprisingly fast with botpress” removed. It is professional.