bot shares a link
# 🤝help
Is it possible to have a bot send a link? For example if a bot is talking to a user about hotels in a nearby area, can I have it link to that hotel? Ive provided links in the KB but none are retrieved. Looked for threads asking this but didnt see any. Thanks!
It's possible bro it's very simple if you had provided it in your kb make sure that your knowledge answering is enabled
Also, might help to put the returned data into a card type "Card" since it has link buttons available in the card. I haven't tried this before, though, so not quite sure how complicated it would be to split your AI response into variables so you could assign the variable with the link into a button. Curious if you get it to work, though.
I did provide them in my KB, do you happen to have a screenshot of how one is set up?
Its simply in the top of a PDF with "Hotel Name: Link" perhaps theres a better way to do it