How to get closer answers from the knowledge base?
# 🤝help
For example, I added a JSON of a few cities in the knowledge base. For each city, it has a field "square footage". When I ask the bot, show me all units in Paris with 2000 square feet, it does show the ones in Paris, but also shows the ones with 6-7k feet. How can I limit it to show for example just units that are around 2000 square feet, with maybe 500-600 feet difference, and not a few thousand feet difference?
Hey @shy-glass-43299, I've had success using an additional AI Task as a filter for the KB answer. Basically you: 1. Turn on manual answering 2. Add a transition for if the KB has an answer 3. Feed
and the user's question (
) to the AI task with a prompt asking for it to return only relevant information 4. Send the results of that AI task to the end user
I will try it out, thanks