The bot's user interface in the web-link is not co...
# 🤝help
Hi, I'm sending the link of my bot to my friends so that they could interact with the bot on their phone, but the interface does not work on phone so well. All UIs are so small that people can't even see the input field. Is there a way to custimize the interface so that it work better for people accessing the bot on their phones?
the bot you've been sharing by hitting 'share' in the studio is really meant for prototyping your conversation design, you can adjust the appearance of what we call the 'webchat', which is an experience that also works on mobile
you can learn more about this here:

however, if you want to also customize the bot you've been sharing, I would recommend dropping us a line in #1111026806254993459, if that's something you want to see us build 😎