AI Task
# 🤝help
Wherever the input is AI Task returns the same as the output. How do I fix this? If input is Hiking, AI task reruns Hiking.

Can you explain more ?
Show us litle more of your flow

{{event.preview}} change your Ai task input
Still getting the same problem, out put is the same as input,
Sometimes it’s working sometimes it’s not, I don’t know why, it works the first time I do it, the convo ends and restarts, I ask it same question again and it does not work. I’m confused
Here’s an example

Sometimes it does this, other times it just doesn’t give a reply and returns input as output.
You have developer access to my chatbot @bright-magazine-792 could you take a look? It’s called Original AirBnB Chatbot
One of the best option to have a better result is to add examples. They give the ai a better understanding of what you're trying to do.