How to avoid transformed Payload for text card
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07/19/2023, 10:38 PM
I have some text in a text card that I would like to remain unchanged. For some reason this is automatically being changed. What can i do to prevent this? Payload type:"text" text:" Where No One Walks Alone!" typing:true Transformed Payload type:"text" text:"We are here to support you every step of the way!" typing:true
just add more details. This text card is my initial greeting used in my entry node.


07/19/2023, 11:21 PM
oh, simply turn off the Personality Agent !



07/19/2023, 11:30 PM
thanks @rich-battery-69172 , i did have the personality agent enable. When disable, text remains unchanged.


08/15/2023, 4:10 PM
Is there anyway to stop the personality agent transforming these text cards. I want to keep the personality in use when answering direction questions, and not editing the text cards: in my case, the text card stated, "what is your email address?" and this was changed to "We would be happy to assist you! Please reach out to us at" For example, can I force a text card to be used "as is"
Update: I was able to force better text to be shown by changing the question to "Can you input your email address?". And this also whilst keeping the personallity bot on. Success!