using multiple knowledge bases and feed the answer...
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i would like the bot to answer a user input with multiple knowledge bases. for example: 3 different websites. the bot should answer in this way: website 1 says this... website 2 says this .... and website 3 says this .... how can i setup something like this?

Hey @freezing-yacht-31042 There's two ways to approach this: generating an answer manually from the KB agent's refrences, or building an answer from multiple scoped knowledge sources. Generating an answer from KB Agent refrences When the knowledge agent comes up with an answer, its citations are also saved in the
object. You can use an execute code card to access these citations and build a message using them and the Knowledge agent's answer Build an answer form multiple scoped knowledge sources If a knowledge base is in the same folder as a flow, when that flow executes a knowledge search the search is limited to just that knowledge base. You can take advantage of that and the new "Query Knowledge" card to make an incremental, flow-by-flow system for building an answer. Each flow would do a knowledge search, and, if there's a hit, add "Source XYZ says...' before moving to the next flow.