Need a person to teach me how to integrate Google Sheet with Gmail in Zapier ?
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07/22/2023, 7:00 AM
I've created a webhook to catch hook from botpress then send it to a Google sheet. Now I want to send email to a specific person only to let them know they have a new lead coming in with the details from the webhook. How to do that? I've been trying for three days 🥲. Can DM me or answer here thank you so much 😭


07/24/2023, 7:52 PM
Use Zapier paths or filter to parse the data. The above allows you to IF/THEN


07/24/2023, 8:00 PM
This is really a Zapier question, I think, not a botpress question. Maybe someone here can help but if there is a Zapier message board somewhere, that might get you a faster answer.


07/25/2023, 4:36 AM
The tricky part for me when evaluating Zapier was signing up for a Google Cloud account, creating a project and finding/enabling the API access for Sheets. (That seemed like a lot of work to send a few variables to add to a Sheet.). Once that was done, the Zap was pretty straightforward to configure. You need to get a Webhook URL from Zapier and then call it from an “execute code” node in BotPress. All I did was type “send workflow,zapObject to Zapier” and the AI wrote the code block I needed. I just pasted in the webhook I got from Zapier - and everything else just worked.