Tables Bug
# 🤝help
Was building a table, I had 68 inputs. After refreshing the site, it made 2 different pages for the table. It said there is 50 inputs on the first page and the rest would be on page 2. The 50 inputs are showing on page 1 but the other 18 are gone. They are not appearing on page 2.

Hey @billions-architect-85679, that's not right!
@witty-football-93730, can you look into this, please?
@billions-architect-85679, I have reported this issue, I will let you know once it's fixed!
A fix is being pushed right away. Thanks for reporting 🎉
@early-train-33247 @witty-football-93730 Thank you for the assistance it appears it is working now and I am able to view my entire table! 🎈