Can't Publish My Bot
# 🤝help
Hey I am having trouble publishing my bot right now. It is quite big and complex but it is taking for ages to publish and then never does it. I also tried with a smaller chatbot that I am in the middle of working on but that won't publish either. I don't know if other people are having the same issue but I would appreciate any help. Thanks!@acceptable-gold-88171 @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 @bumpy-butcher-41910 If one of you guys know whats up with it or if this is just me any help is appreciated.
I am having the same problem and i am doing a small bot. It only has 8 nodes and hasn't published for over an hour.
Hey @narrow-apple-52361 could you give these a try? 1. Log out and log back in, then re-publish 2. Export your bot, then import it and re-publish 3. Comment out any code in execute code cards and re-publish
I can publish a newly created bot on my end. Perhaps publishing functionality was down yesterday