Problem with Webchat Integration Sharing Chatbot
# 🤝help
Hi guys! Hope you guys are doing great. When I share the URL of my Chatbot to people, they cant chat with it. (When I try on my own computer, I can) Hooks Summary successfully generated Timestamp 24 de jul de 2023, 17:20:47 Level DEBUG er X [Error]: An unknown error occurred at Mr (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:28093) at Ot (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:27873) at w (/var/task/customer_code.js:8:67260) at /var/task/customer_code.js:8:63499 at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5) at async Promise.all (index 2) at async saveAllStates (/var/task/customer_code.js:289:2117) at async saveState (/var/task/customer_code.js:289:4749) at async Object.onEvent (/var/task/customer_code.js:310:7981) at async Object.onMessage (/var/task/customer_code.js:310:7566) { isApiError: true, code: 500, description: 'An unknown error occurred', type: 'Unknown', error: undefined } Timestamp 24 de jul de 2023, 17:20:47 Level ERROR

SOLVED: The solution was to not put special characters on the bot description. (for spanish-speaking people, the ñ counts as special character)