Why did my bot go all red in a node but all the pr...
# 🤝help
It worked fine yesterday and it was not red, but this morning out of nowhere it went red and it doesn't work. In the trial chat it doesn't work at all but when I use the published chat it works. Anyone got any advice.


Can you show me this on a call so we can figure out the problem together; Hello 👋, I'm Elijah. I'm available to help out anyone with any issues with Botpress. You can reach out to me; https://cutt.ly/9wpZlWWy
Sorry didn't see your message until today
Yea if we can hop in a call I can deffo show you
yeah sure
You can send me a message
I can do a call today, what time fits you?
Heey can you do a call today around 5pm
Hi, can you still help me
It doesn't work still