Chatbot Provides Information that is NOT in the KB
# 🤝help
I think the KB agent eagerly tries to have an answer for all questions, as GPT seems to be taking over when no answer is found in the KB.
I just touched base with the relevant team and it seems it's a known issue with the GPT model as it's being instructed to not provide an answer outside of the KB but it's still doing it, and they'll be make some adjustments soon to try to improve this.
As a possible workaround in the meantime, I could suggest using the context field in the Knowledge Base Agent settings in the Studio to tell it again to not answer outside of the KB:

Thanks @famous-zoo-73118 !
Hi @famous-zoo-73118 , it did not work this way nor any other way I tried. So at the moment the only thing there is to be done is wait for this issue to be fixed? Thanks for the support, at least I know it's not something I am doing wrong on my side
I see, thanks for letting us know. Yes, unfortunately it seems to be an issue with the GPT model, hopefully we can find a way to fix it for sure!