copy node to another workflow
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How can I ref variables ( display in a text card ) , called , PetType , from workflow A ( created and defined ) in Workflow B ( new flow but part of the same conversation) . I have tried as per the doc the following : {{workflow.variable_values.A.PetType}} This does seem to work becasue the error is : evaluates to undefined.
Do i get round this problem of how to use variables defined in flow A in flow B by setting session variables .... ie session.PetName = workflow.Petname Please help !! Thanks in advance. PS the docs don't have many examples to follow and seem to be quite brief.
@few-shoe-27407 you can define a user variable for this, it will be shared across workflows (in the Bot Settings you can define those). another better option is to pass variables across workflows if Workflow A is calling Workflow B. You can do that by cliking on the entry node of your Workflow B then clicking on the variables you want to expose as Inputs to Workflow A.
@few-shoe-27407 I just published a video on referencing the value of a variable across workflows - take a look:

Thank you ! One final twist ... If you could answer. If i collect a dozen or so user inputs across 5/6 different workflows that make up a complete conversation with a user. I want to put them all into a final workflow which will write out the 12 values to Google Sheets. Should I use these user variables to do this ? if I use input/output vars as in the video...this may not work because vars I collect in flow 1 will not be used in flow 2 , vars in flow 3 wont be used in flow 4 etc... However all these vars will be collected into final flow to be written into a G. Sheet. Best !
Also - I only want my vars to be visible for a specific conversation at a point in time with a specific user. Var scope should be to a specific conversation/user. I want to make sure that Bobs user data collected in a conversation is not mixed up with Sam's conversational data.
thank you for the video, I appreciate the speed at which the content is coming out.