Recipe bot template does not show carousel in WebC...
# 🤝help
Hello there, as the title suggest I have created Recipe bot from template and setup everything and it works well within the development environment. However, when I publish this to webchat I am not able to see Carousel. Is this intended behaviour?

Hi, Of course it is not, can you share with me your carousel configurations in order to try it on my end?
If I was able to replicate it, I will report it as a bug to the team, otherwise we can troubleshoot it together. In all cases I will get back to you
It is confirmed, the team is working on it 🙂
Thank you, I am assuming you have able to replicate the issue
Basically, I create the recipe bot from template and do the API key setup. Then publish and it's the screenshot you can see
@famous-jewelry-85388 do you have timeline on when this will be fixed please?
Yea the team is working on it, it should be available in a week or 2