How do I make AI task card ask precisely 10 questi...
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or even ask 10 questions without hallucinating is that possible?
I think you'll be better off doing 10 seperate AI task cards instead of putting everything in one (if that's what you're doing)
What do you mean by hallucinating ?
like when it generates false information
i tried that but in my case i just have too many nodes for that, i think its possible
@limited-forest-26830 you can, but it is very difficult and I wouldn't recommend it. ADMH's suggestion of breaking it down into separate tasks and nodes will result in a more consistent and quality bot.
right. but it might result to this again, so i was thinking I could reduce the nodes by using that method, 10 questions, 1 node.
but im open to suggestions, basically my bot would listen to your medical symptoms, assess it then ask you 10 questions, afterwards it would give you 3 probable diagnosis. it became bloated since i have 100 conditions as intents along with 10 questions for each.
oh you're the giant medical bot guy!
yeah there are a few ways you can make your life easier
glad im remembered for that lol hahaha
If there's no room to wiggle around with the question wording, you can store the questions in a table, then retrieve them one by one to ask
And even though you're not supposed to create loops, you can create loops by manually setting the event.state.__stacktrace to an empty array
so you could do something like: 1. Load 10 questions from table 2. Take the first question, feed it to an AI task for variety, then send it to the user 3. Save the user's response 4. Loop back to load the next question and repeat
Could also do that manually with 10 capture cards and just ask the same 10 questions for every condition
OR use the same base questions but get an AI task to personalize them for each condition
could get dangerous though, I'm not sure what your risks are
another thing you can do is ask an open-ended question to start off and use an AI task to try to extract answers to questions from their response
then, depending on what is left, another AI task can ask follow-up questions
with regards to question wording, there is wiggle room as long as its question is related to diagnosing the condition. and it can even exceed 10 but not too much so its not too many questions
also I like your suggestion with using table, i havent really tried that, though im not familiar with looping on botpress
loops are definitely an advanced feature. Unless you're comfortable coding I wouldn't touch them
maybe i try this? although how dangerous is this
the danger comes in the AI asking questions that make the user believe it is more competant than it actually is
OR the AI assumes something from their answer is relevant and needs to be follow up on when it is not actually that relevant
OR the AI repeats itself
lots of different failure modes 😄
this bot is really complicated im not sure how to move forward tbh haha i guess table is the safest bet as to not to break the bot. i can code but id consider myself a junior so maybe thats my option
i think i just need to see one like how it works i can apply it with the rest
why didnt i land a normal marketing type client lmao
start with the tables, then try loops if you feel it is necessary
we have these lovely cards now

that'd be a good start, yeah
alright ill try that thanks gordy!