Users update the KB in Google Sheet and then avail...
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I want my users to be able to send answers to my questions that is then sent to a Google sheet. That Sheet is part of my knowledgebase and therefor now updated and knowledge available for other users. I am all good creating input and storing rows in a Google sheet? Problem is that when I try to add that Google sheet URL as a knowledgebase I get Fail to index. Do you know why this is? Or do you have another suggestion on how I can have my bot users updating the knowledgebase?
Hi @dry-machine-39056 the type of files support by the knowledge base at the moment is listed in the dropdown: Documents (PDF), Web searches, etc. Google sheets are not supported at the moment
You can create a feature request in the respective channel, but I think linking a Google sheet to a table in the studio, instead of a knowledge base will be better
Thank you Nadine, I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Thanks.