Intents- Do I have to trigger training?
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1. Training of intents In Voiceflow, you have to click "train" to have the intent sentences be updated. A model is fine-tuned in the background. Does the botpress' intent recognition have a training step? If yes, how is it triggered? Do I have to wait a few minutes after entering my sentences? 2. Quality of intent scores I have a few examples where the intent model fires high scores for all intents. As a result, no intent is matched.
Hey @dry-nightfall-32769! 1- Training happens instantaneously in Botpress, at the same time as you update your knowledge base or your intent library! 2- We're aware of some strange behaviours from intents and currently working on improving them. In the mean time, you can use the AI task to classify your intents with adequate prompting. You can create a boolean variable for each intent you have and ask the AI task to set it to "true" whenever the intent should be triggered based on the user input.
Hey Louis, 1 Good to know. Perhaps it's useful indicating with ui feedback and add it to the docs? 2. quality: Thank you for letting me know! Dp you already have an idea about the estimated time to fix? If you don't have that yet, perhaps automated tests in ci/cd that run on each release that measure accuracy across 100 example intents might be an option (if you have time). temporary fix: llm few shot can work as a temporary solution, but I don't like the accuracy. Thank you!