How to not send twice "welcoming message" ?
# 🤝help
i'm building a chat-bot for assist client during their stay in an AirBnb. And when the conversation end,and restart i don't want to resend the welcoming message (presenting the bot , welcoming to the place) twice. Is there any solutions to this issue?

Hi, you can set a variable after the initial greeting, and in the start node, first check if the variable is set (meaning the user has already been greeted) and then transition to the first time greeting or something else
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okay thanks i'll try this ! @best-hamburger-70223
@rich-lamp-98721 there are many things cool there, but yes wine seems like the best!
Does this variable state get persisted across workflow runs though? Wouldn't it get reset back to not greeted on the next run?
@flaky-ability-96739 have a quick look here -> 🙂