Problem in restarting conversation
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hi all ! I am using a trigger to initiate a conversation when someone clicks on the bot button, which is great. The problem arises when the chat is dormant for a while and no prompt is being fed. For example, if a user comes back to the bot 2 hours after initially using it, they reply back to the bot but nothing happens, since the bot is the one directed to initiate the convo. My thought is, is there a way to erase a conversation completely or reset the conversation to the beginning, lets say after 5 minutes of inactivity ? that way the bot will initiate the conversation again after 5 minutes of no activity from the user
Sorry I missed the part about why do you want the bot re-initiate?
However you can add a meta tag to refresh the page every 5 minutes
hi @famous-jewelry-85388, I will try my best to explain this: 1) i open the bot, it greets me with what i have programmed it to do with the initiate convo trigger. Great 2) I have an initial conversation. I leave for a while. I come back and try to continue the convo, by typing hi or just answering the previous question asked 3) bot usually does not respond. Prompting me to delete the conversation and restart a new one. 4) I want to fix the last part where the consumer would have to delete the conversation just to restart the convo since a lot of them would not care doing that or would be confused as to how to do it. 5) My opinion was to refresh the bot when there is no activity for lets say 5 minutes so that it hits a baseline again and continue the conversation from there as
hey @average-pizza-58843 , i just stumbled upon this setting, is this what you are looking for? in the bot dashboard, just go left and select chatbot settings and there you will have 'Inactivity Timeout (minutes)'