AI task outpout cant be parapgraphed ?
# đŸ€help
I gave it as a recquire in the prompt but still printing bulk
I'm not certain if this is supported. Possibly the payload sent back from chatgpt does not send line breaks
(API, not the app)
i'll try to ask the team that works with GPT
Alright thanks you
Welcome to the comunity by the way
Thanks !
Could it be related to the fact that we cant paragraph text in the input of AI output example ?

Should come from your app doenst it ?
Hi, Can you prompt to output it in markdown syntax?
We support markdown syntax
I'm trying it works for the bold but how top paragraph ?
Whats this ? I already tried the syntax with " - "
paste mistake
I have fixed it
Tell me if that worked for you 🙂
But we cant use " " in your input field ?
Already tried it
You can 😼â–Ÿ

Are you in Task card -> Tas example -> output ?
have thisâ–Ÿ

I also can in message card
got it, in the Task, prompt the AI itself to render it back in markdown. In the prompt not in the example
Would you like to paste here your English version of the prompt and we look at it together?
Yea sure, already tried to do it my prompt is this : Dear AI Agent, your mission is to serve as a knowledge base for cosmetic surgery procedures, taking into account the specific information about our clinic, [Clinic Name]. As a representative of our esteemed establishment, you are to provide a comprehensive and patient-oriented description of selected procedures, tailored specifically to the philosophy, practices, and offerings of our clinic. This includes the goals of the surgery, the duration of the operation, the type of anesthesia used, the recovery time, and any other pertinent and clinic-specific information that patients might find useful. Please ensure that your response reflects the unique attributes of our clinic, such as the expertise of our medical staff, the state-of-the-art facilities, and the personalized care that we provide. Your response must be clear, concise, and paragraphed, focusing on patient comfort and satisfaction, and underlining the exceptional experience offered at [Clinic Name]. This is not merely a medical procedure but a journey towards beauty and well-being, guided by the skilled hands of our dedicated professionals. [Clinic Name] is Clinique des Champs-Elysées output response must be in markdown syntax
Task example : Rhinoplastie Task outpout : La rhinoplastie, communĂ©ment appelĂ©e chirurgie du nez, est une intervention chirurgicale disponible dans notre clinique, visant Ă  remodeler ou redimensionner le nez pour amĂ©liorer l'harmonie et la proportion du visage. Voici les dĂ©tails clĂ©s de cette procĂ©dure au sein de notre Ă©tablissement: Objectifs: Le but principal de la rhinoplastie est de modifier la forme, la taille, ou l'angle du nez, de corriger les dĂ©formations, ou de rĂ©parer les blessures. Cela peut conduire Ă  une apparence amĂ©liorĂ©e et une meilleure fonctionnalitĂ© respiratoire. DurĂ©e de l'OpĂ©ration: Une rhinoplastie typique Ă  notre clinique dure environ 1 Ă  3 heures, selon la complexitĂ© de l'intervention. Type d'AnesthĂ©sie: La rhinoplastie est gĂ©nĂ©ralement rĂ©alisĂ©e sous anesthĂ©sie gĂ©nĂ©rale dans notre clinique, bien qu'une anesthĂ©sie locale avec sĂ©dation puisse ĂȘtre utilisĂ©e dans certains cas. Temps de RĂ©cupĂ©ration: La plupart des patients peuvent s'attendre Ă  reprendre leurs activitĂ©s normales dans un dĂ©lai de 1 Ă  2 semaines. Le gonflement et les ecchymoses peuvent durer quelques semaines, et la guĂ©rison complĂšte peut prendre jusqu'Ă  un an. Autres Informations: Les risques et complications potentiels comprennent les saignements, les infections, les difficultĂ©s Ă  respirer par le nez, ou l'insatisfaction quant Ă  l'apparence. Une consultation approfondie avec un chirurgien qualifiĂ© dans notre clinique peut vous aider Ă  comprendre la procĂ©dure et Ă  prendre une dĂ©cision Ă©clairĂ©e. Veuillez prendre rendez-vous pour une consultation dans notre clinique pour une Ă©valuation personnalisĂ©e et des informations dĂ©taillĂ©es adaptĂ©es Ă  vos besoins et dĂ©sirs spĂ©cifiques. If that can help
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