Whatapp-How to create a menue
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Hey, I want to create multiple choices in whatsapp. The choice capture is not an option since I have more than 3 answers. I read in the docs that to use such an Interactive List Object: https://botpress.com/docs/cloud/channels/whatsapp/: - Card is mapped to Interactive List Object - Dropdown is mapped to Interactive List Object https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/guides/interactive-messages/ So I am trying to create a dropdown or card in botpress. I see no option "dropdown" in the cloud version of botpress. When I use a card, I see the buttons only support html links, but don't capture the user input. Can I get some guidance on how to create such a multiple choice list for whatsapp?


there's a service called ai sensy, it's strictly whatsapp based. I think you should use that
Hey @dry-nightfall-32769 by "multiple choice" do you mean: * User is given more than one option and they can pick only one * User is given more than one option and they can pick one or more
I mean the user is given more than 3 options and can pick only one
but if they can pick multiple ones, that would be ok too. So either option that you suggest is fine. My current issue is that using the choice option in botpress maps to buttons which allow at most 3 choices in whatsapp. I need to show more than 3 options
hey @dry-nightfall-32769, I was looking at this other thread about WhatsApp splitting choices into groups of three, and it looks like it is because of rules on WhatsApp's side. https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1131622608912273564 * Whatsapp groups choices into groups of three * Whatsapp converts choices to a dropdown when there are more than 5 of them and more than 140 characters in all the choices Since this is a restriction on the WhatsApp side, there's not too much we can do form the Botpress side, but some workarounds are discussed in that thread.
nice, this work. I had more than 5 options, but not more than 140 characters. Thank you Can you update your docs? It could make sense to add the restriction info and the info on how to turn it into a dropdown
yes, we'll update them
Hey @dry-nightfall-32769 we have updated the documentation for our WhatsApp integration