Botpress <> (CRM) Salesforce implementation
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Hello developers! Let us combine our resources on how to use and integrate Botpress within SalesForce. There is the following marketing page for a Salesforce integration with Botpress but whenever we click the "Connect Salesforce with AI" it leads to the regular cloud studio. Has anyone succesfully integrated their bot/automation in Salesforce yet ? If so, information would be much appreciated.

Following, thanks for making this @cold-jewelry-54343
I don't see the integration in the Hub. Let me see with the team. 🙂 I'll get back to you @cold-jewelry-54343
So, the team is working on the integration as we speak. @cold-jewelry-54343 & @brash-art-3697 are you able to give us a few details about your use case?
I have a client that wants a chatbot that his sales reps can ask a question regarding something in the CRM (ex: "what is the status of this project"). Essentially I need the CRM to be the knowledgebase that the chatbot pulls from
In our case our client has asked us if its possible to embed our bot(s) in their registry system/CRM systems. Salesforce seems to be the most common CRM out there so it could provide a good workflow example on how to approach such a process.
@crooked-van-25152 is there any ETA of when something like this will be rolling out to users? Im curious how it will be integrated
@brash-art-3697 I had a pretty detailed call with Salesforce and they told me that if your client has the enterprise option they will help you set-up your custom API integration. They didn’t knew about Botpress , probably since there is no Botpress APi yet (?), but they do have their own Bot option which you might be able to hook your data into
I think its best for Botpress to remove the Salesforce marketing page until there is documentation/API to back it up
Hey guys, if you are developers, and you want to query Salesforce for information, then you can do this using an Execute Code card
If you got the API call code from Salesforce, I can definitley help 🙂
Thanks for the answers, this is exactly what we were wondering too. All our data resides in salesforce and this integration is a must have, has anyone here been successful with it?
Appreciate if anyone been on this journey can share the experience.