KB translation and expression
# 🤝help
1. How can you make an expression when “no valid answer is found” in the KB? I want to send a text message (e.g. sorry chatbot couldn’t find the right answer) when the KB doesn’t has the answer 2. KB does answer consistent with languages. When my input is in a certain language, it sometimes responds in english. Also with an AI task it doesn’t translate perfectly. Also putting the task in the KB Query doesn’t solve this problem. Even when putting the summary and transcript in the KB query, it doesn’t solve the problem. Does someone know how to solve this?
Hi @bitter-oil-35012. Can you click the Botpress logo top left corner and click "Report an issue", then send the report id so we can investigate?
For question 1, the expression in my chatbot is: if (turn.KnowledgeAgent.answer == null) { turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded = false}, the you can use the turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded bool value to determine whether the bot send error message or not