Rephrase a KB answer tone on specific node using A...
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Hey guys, I want to change the tone of my chatbot answers on a specific node, for example: the company called "Whale", and I want when the user asks something about "Whale" the bot will answer as he is part of the company. so: "we have bla bla bla at Whale..." or " our service is..." and not: "Whale have....." or "you can ask Whale...." I struggle to find the right prompt for that who will actually work. Does someone know how to do it? Thanks a lot.

Hey @purple-xylophone-10745, here are some of the guidelines I follow when making an AI task prompt: 1. Write clear instructions. The model does not do well with long sentences. Break your instructions into small chunks. Use list words like "first... then... finally..." when describing a process. 2. Avoid negative instructions. Tell the model what to do- don't tell the model what not to do. Instead of saying "Don't use complicated language" say "Use simple language." 3. Explicitly name out inputs and outputs. If you are passing information into the AI Task, the prompt should explain what that information is. If you are expecting information out of the AI Task, clearly explain what information is expected and where to put it. 4. Assign the model a role. Asking the model to assume a role impacts the tone more than a list of adjectives. For example, instead of telling the model to be friendly, professional, clear, and helpful, tell the model they are a competent secretary. Instead of telling the model it is intelligent, detail-orented, and careful, tell the model they are a data analyst.
Thank you, it worked!