I would like to propose the implementation of a variable library that could significantly enhance bot building efficiency and accuracy. This library would serve as a centralized repository, listing all declared variables along with their attributes, and the specific workflows where they are active. A major reason for my hesitation in utilizing workflows stems from the challenge of keeping track of variables scattered across different workflows and chatbot settings. I find utilizing workflows often results in the inconvenience of navigating back and forth between various workspace sections, and the potential for errors in miss handling variable exchange between workflows either through incorrectly matching variable names and attributes or simply forgetting to complete the process. The introduction of a unified variable library could effectively address these issues. Moreover, this feature could also allow us to effortlessly select and update variable attributes and the relevant workflows with access to a variable from the library. By streamlining the current three-step process of incorporating variables into workflows—consisting of variable declaration in a workflow, activation in the workflow entry node, and enabling the variable in the calling node within a different workflow—this proposed variable library could simplify this process into a single step. Overall, this proposal has the potential to not only enhance our bot building efficiency but also reduce the chances of errors and inconsistencies in variable utilization. Thank you for your time and consideration of this proposal!