How to use Botpress wassup bot in a live productio...
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Please I have integrated my Botpress bot with the wassup test it is working fine, but I have not seen any tutorials to guide me on how to use it in a live production environment. I will be grateful if I could be direct about where I will get information on that, to enable configure my bot to production. Thank you Note: I have made report on it on Botpress studio this is my key; 813720a7-c1e6-48fd-b84c-8a04351895e2
Hey @white-spoon-79644, are you asking about how to get your WhatsApp bot to be available to the general public? If so, it's not a Botpress thing, but a Meta thing: Meta requires all public-facing chatbots to go through an apporoval process first. You can learn more about that process here