How do I offer my services in freelance platforms?
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Hello, I want to work as Freelancer and sell services such as creating a bot and selling to individuals and small companies, but when I added this service in one of the Freelance platforms, it was rejected because I put in the description of the service that I would need the botpress account information, or I could create the bot and send its file to the user, The other reason is that I said that the account has a free plan, which is 1000 messages per month, after that you must subscribe to the site... Has anyone tried working on this, how was it done, and what is the mechanism by which it worked? Can someone help me with this please
hey @hallowed-farmer-75349 , can you reach out to @echoing-translator-21901 through the partner form, with more details about the which platform and the concerns, we will try to help where we can
Hey @hallowed-farmer-75349 , looking forward to connecting with you about this. Thanks @freezing-printer-49373
Hi, thank you both @freezing-printer-49373 @echoing-translator-21901 , I really appreciate that.
so the name of this platform is "Khamsat" or خمسات, the same idea of fiverr but it's mostly for Arabs