# 🤝help
My cards and Carousel do not show up in the Webchat and Chat section of the Bot's settings. But they do show up in the studio. I've tried increasing the width and height of the bot through custom CSS and changing pictures so far, but looks like it's something else.
Just write some text in carousel card field
Hi @hundreds-painter-74515 , did you give it a try to make sure all the fields of your cards and carousels have values? Are you still facing the problem?
Hi. Yes they all do have values, the only field that was empty for me was the action button link, but I tested after removing it, still the same
Yep. Did some testing it's because of the empty action button link. Solved✅ .Thx @best-hamburger-70223 @agreeable-cricket-15390
There's also no right arrow button to check other cards in my carousel through Webchat. Any ideas @best-hamburger-70223 ?



I'd rather it show only the right arrow if we go there ;D, so at least you can go to the next item
try to change the resolution of your images, that way you can manipulate how the carousel will be displayed
nope, tested with pictures as small as 100x100 px. Looks the same
then I don't know what the problem is... I solved a similar problem by putting all the pictures in the same resolution... I think it was o500*500. If you solve the problem, please write how
I have the same problem. I just put a message telling the user to click and scroll with the mouse to check the next cards but it's kinda annoying it's true 😦