Display Images sent by the user on whatsapp
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I have successfully integrated the whatsapp client and even created a web app for displaying the messages by the user and the bot(the conversation basically). It works fine for text. But i want to read all the chats and even reply to them manually (which im able to do). It's just that i want to display the images sent by the user (as im making an ecommerce bot, lots of people send images). As we can only use the botpress Webhook, i cannot store the images anywhere else too. In short, if the user sends an image, how can i view and store it?
even if i like get the Media ID, i might be able to make the call to whatsapp and store the media myself. Right now, it simply ignores the media message (The Botpress Whatsapp Client)
@white-insurance-25985 Bots don't currently support receiving files/images from users, however, you could fork our Whatsapp integration which is open-source (you can find it in our botpress/botpress Github repo) add support to receive images from users, upload them to a cloud storage like Amazon S3 and then provide the image URL to your bot as a text message.
Here's the relevant part of the Whatsapp integration code that you could modify in your fork to support this: https://github.com/botpress/botpress/blob/master/integrations/whatsapp/src/index.ts#L235
Thanks a lot for your help. Will try doing it.
@famous-zoo-73118 If i fork the repo, and make my changes, how will i be able to connect it from the botpress/client node pakage(im using the botpress client to send and receive messages). Really sorry if the question is stupid. I'm kind of a beginner in node and github.
@white-insurance-25985 No please don't worry, your question is a good one! You may want to follow our current documentation here: https://docs.botpress.cloud/docs/integration/getting-started/
But basically, the client is already provided to integrations as a "prop" (parameter) to the message handler function, check this line for reference: https://github.com/botpress/botpress/blob/master/integrations/whatsapp/src/index.ts#L173
Hello guy, i would really appreciate if someone could help me on this one i am currently trying to set up a webhook integration to a bot. Bot is published and enabled but still webhook card doesnt appear in cards panel while i have another account which is working and webhook appears there.