The Chat box gets covered
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I added the Chatbot to my website, and as you can see from my screenshot it often gets under certain sections. How can i prevent this from happening?

In the first case, it gets covered under the header
And in the second case it's under a normal website section
Set the chat bots z-index to 9999 in the chat bots css file or change the image or sections z-index to like 15
How do i do it @future-action-19564? I don't have a z-index line in my CSS code
add this line .bpw-floating-button {z-index:15}
Im not exactly sure but i think what @billowy-vase-60798 suggested is only for the widget but try that and if it doesnt work add this line too:
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.bpw-layout bpw-chat-container bpw-anim-fadeIn{z-index:9999}
this references to the entire chat container and sets it to be above everything else by default. And you can check the class names for things like this by just pressing f12 on your website and hovering over what you want to check 🙂