Can I still send/see messages on Whatsapp?
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I didn't try it yet and neither found anything on documentation about it If I deploy the chatbot on Whatsapp, will it be still available to send/see messages using the phone app? Let's suppose I add an option to the chatbot like "talk to a human". Will a human be able to see the conversation and start to chat with the person?
Umm, first of all that would be brilliant. I thought of the same thing a few weeks ago 😆 But no the bot on whatsapp will be basically like a different person. It will not send messages to your phone number. I will investigate this soon at some point, and return to let you know if i found anything usefull 😁
,Botpress is compatible with WhatsApp cloud api. Cloud API is a different story compared to Whatsapp "App" Integrating botpress with whatsapp cloud api is explained beautifully in this video

First technically we must understand API and webhooks. APIs are for sending messages from botpress studio to WhatsApp and webhooks are the way to receive the message sent by user i.e. from whatsapp to botpress. This completes the two way connection. Now currently whatsapp only supports 1 callback url. Or one webhook. So either your whatsapp can be connected to botpress or another system. What you can do you can funnel the initial flow with botpress and when the user presses the button "Talk to a human" you can call external APIs (using botpress execute code) and send these messages to your human agent. This human agent can be live or based on availability. Sending the previous older conversation with the AI bot to the human agent is a task i am still working on. I have a client who wants a similar solution. I am building a bot. I will share the bot in this community to give you a clear picture. I hope this answers your question. Cheers! Happy Bot building 🙂 Intercom also can help you with human in the loop idea. Also one of the botpress devs also had replied in #1111022127353712771 chat that they are working on a human in the loop feature. Great feature request.. will save my sleepless nights. I can peacefully sleep.