PAYMENT IF HELPED: Property Management API Help
# 🤝help
Hi! Thanks for the help. I am building an AI bot for a property management company and the bot has three choices. 1. Contact Us (easily completed via Zapier) 2. Service Request (easily completed via Zapier) 3. Available Apartments (API???) I do not know the correct way to complete this as I have never used an API like this before. The idea is that after the user chooses "available apartments" choice, the bot would use the API to see if there are any available apartments. ✅ If there is: the bot tells the user ❌ If there is not: the bot asks the user to be added to a waitlist where the user fills in information and that gets sent to me via zapier. I will pay for assistance, let me know!

dm me. I think i have a solution