When my bot is not being useful to the user I want...
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If my bot is doing nothing for the user I want to enable the option for "contact with an agent" and then send them to an agent. How should I implement this? As I see the HITL feature has yet to be implemented (please correct me if I'm wrong)
Would it suffice to trigger some kind of contact information gathering and an email notification for someone to call or email them back, or is this specifically a question about whether you can use HITL?
A work around do do this is set up a fallback when your bot can answer the question. As an option you can ask the user to try asking in a different way or give the option to talk to an agent. As the answer for the second option, you can provide an email for contact or even send a link to a conversation on WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other contact platform you may have. If you need help with that send me a DM and I'll assist with what I know
I think the best option is to give them a WhatsApp link to make them talk to an agent
Thank you!