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hello , I want to work as freelancer chatbot developer with botpress , but I don't know How will I deliver the bot to the customer? I mean will the bot be made from my botpress account or the customer's account and if it is from my account how will I deal with limitation of 5 bots development and the limitations of 1K messages per month , and if there are any information about working as botpress freelancer could you please tell me , Thank you.
Hey @modern-fireman-38515, there's a plan for Botpress that allows you to have unlimited chatbots and workspaces, so that's a way to avoid being restricted. Regarding message limitations, if your client exceeds that number, you can include that value in your bot's pricing. However, I'm not sure about Botpress' policy for this type of negotiation, but I hope I've helped with your questions.
are I am planning on doing the same. But as one of my services. What you need to do is this. Set the template for now for the client to do a demo on. Then set up a template and receive payment for services. Of course that is up to you. You will of course need to set up the installation of the bot for Instagram and Messenger too if the client wants that - can be a difficult process. Which you can also charge for. There many ways you can place with it. I am just at the beginning of offering this service too. Hope that helps.
What do you do if the client asks for the bot (assuming a scenario when they want to work on it themselves or something like it)
yes it helps , thank you for your time I appreciate it
You hand it over to them after payment. It is then their bot to work on however they like.