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# 🤝help
Hi all, my bot is a Lead Capture bot that builds up from a bunch of single choice questions to a information capture (name, email etc). Im conscious some users will leave due to too many questions so my goal is to implement a solution that lets the user know whether they are 20%, 50% or x% of the way to being finished. Ideally this will increase conversions. Any thoughts aside from numbering the questions 2 of 7 with a text box? Bonus: if this is compatible with some kind of ‘go back to previous question’ system then that would be ideal. Many thanks, Ardijs
If you don't want to number your questions, maybe say something like "You are almost finished" or "You half-way done" "Just a few questions more" in the beggining of your questions may be a conversational way of letting user know the questions are about to end, would something like that be useful?
Hey, good idea, will take it away as an option 😊 thank you