My bot just made up random information.
# 🤝help
I'm brand new and just getting started. I created a knowledge base with xml and text file. I asked my bot where we are located, and it said San Francisco, California. I asked it where it found that info, and it said the website. My website doesn't say anything like that. Not even close. I told it the correct info and it repeated it. Will it remember that forever, or will it just pick random info again?
Hi @average-window-15825 if you update this correct info in you text file, it will remember. It's good to remember that if your website has information that differs from the information found in your text file, this can cause interference, also, since Botpress uses ChatGPT, sometimes it may be interpreting the website content in a way to try to find a correct answer no matter what, and this could be causing a form of AI hallucination. If I am mistaken, someone from the Botpress team can correct me, but this was the response I received from them to one of my questions here in the community.
A good way to put your info in Plain Text KB is in the format of Q&A, you can say like: Where are you located? We are located at California What is the price of product number 3? Porduct number 3 costs $5 And so on... At least that's how I do it and I always get good results, if you need any help send me a dm 🙂