Bot can't catch the intent
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I saw that the conversation just ends, when the bot couldn't catch the intent of the user. Is there a way I can set the bot in a that, if it can't catch the user's intent, it will ask or say, "sorry, I couldn't understand your answer. Please say it properly."
yes, just add a this expression to your node :"!turn.KnowledgeAgent.responded" when you add this expression it means that the bot couldnt find an answer to the user's question and you can connect a new line from that expression to a a previous node so it loops when the bot couldnt find an answer
if its not understood that much, say and i will screenshot an example for you
Thats a response from the knowledge agent. Not the intent
I use this

But when there is no intent. Why not try to get a response from the knowledge base if you have one?
Do you mean, if the intent isn't recognized by the bot, it will answer the user's question from the KB? (If the user asks a question, instead of following the intent and it's text)
But yeah to answer your question just have a expression with event.nlu.intents.length === 0
Then go to another node with a text card
ok, thanks man:) i appreciate the help
Ofc. If theres more problems with it let me know.
im facing a problem with the intent again 🙂 I did what you said. but the expression only works when i write unrecognizable random things. when i write something related to my 4 intents (which is related but not recognizable by bot as an intent) it just ends the coversation, instead of going to the other card. can you tell, what might be causing this problem:(

Could you share the workflow?
Also the event debugger
From the last message

Hey, I used an expression node with "true" And that seems to work well. Do you think there will be any problem later on, if I keep using the expression card?
Usually it's fine and if it works it works. Where did you add the expression node?
Also just a QoL tip. Name your nodes. Makes it much easier to remember what they do in the future.
I kept the expression card at the last stage.